Rat Rod Magazine is doing their annual Rat Hard build-off where they give 12 people 30 days and a budget of $3000 to build an awesome rat rod, then drive it from Steelfest in MN to Redneck Rumble in TN. Pratt's beetle is nice, I guess, but certainly isn't anything terribly exciting.

Chris Walker's beetle though, now that's something exciting! The metalwork is incredible, as is the attention to detail. Just check out those perfectly spaced brass rivets and whatever the airplane version of a sextant is!

They were going for a German WWII airplane theme, as seen by the ports, sextant and countless other little touches like the Iron Cross cut-out trunk, hub caps and German helmet on the far-side air intake.

Unfortunately, the intake piping is a little tough to see, but it is truly a work of art. And check out that exhaust!


You may be wondering just wtf is under the hood, as that certainly doesn't look like anything you've ever seen at the local Pick 'N Pull. You'd be right, unless your Pick 'N Pull also houses airplane carcasses.

It's a 1958 Cessna motor, hence the airplane theme. I have no idea how it works or what the power delivery would be like, but it's damn cool.


You can see the dates of the shows here: http://www.ratrodtour.com/build-off.html and you can follow the Rat Rod Build-off on Facebook to see the other creations, including bikes. Vote for Chris, or anyone else who's ride catches your eye (I'm in love with Lenny Hartle's rat rod) and if you go to either of the shows, send me lots of photos!


All photos stolen from the ITW Hot Rods Build-off Facebook page under the assumption they wouldn't mind the publicity.